Kegra has trained a group of people (village Agents) who move to villages and provide technical support to farmers on how to use improved seed varienties ,use of chemicals and other sustainable practices and this helps to stimulate demand for improved inputs

Because of lack of information on good agricultural practices like use of fertilizers, and spraying services, KEGRA provides Village Training program(Village Agent) where the TEAM moves to villages training farmers about good agricultural practices, skills and knowledge about the proper use of agricultural chemicals for example spraying services, applying fertilizers and also about the climate change solutions.

Village Agents are not only for increasing agro-inputs but also for generating employment opportunities for the youth. Village agents also connect traders to farmers and this creates market for farmer’s products.

Village Agents mission is to work closely with the farmers to help them identify crop pests and diseases, transfer knowledge and skills to the farmers regarding good agricultural practices and helping farmers promote climate smart solutions.

Village agents are paid by the organization on acommission basis.