KEGRA  provides training on safe use and handling of Agro- chemicals in partnership with our suppliers MTK Uganda,we sell different agro-chemicals to our farmers to help in controlling pests and diseases.  Farmers come to our  shop to buy different agro-inputs to increase crop production and raise farm profits . And with farm inputs, farmers are able to produce in large quantities using the same land acreage .

Farmers also buy different cereals (crop seedlings) to plant forexample tomato, passionfruit seedlings and others and this helps in producing more crops, farmers are able to increase profits by having more produce to sell.

KEGRA therefore  provides training  about these farm inputs before use as most of them can be hazardous to both humans and the environment if not well handled .

KEGRA Technical Staff carries out farm visits different to villages  helping farmers to identify pests and diseases and also provide  training on how to control them ( the type of chemicals to use in order to control pests and diseases), and also about climate changes.