Agricultural spraying services are used to enhance the effectiveness of pesticides such as Herbicides, Insecticides,Fungicides and other Chemicals that control or eliminate unwanted pests.

Farmers spray to mitigate crop damage caused by pests. Pests interfere with the production of crops and this affects the quality of crops to harvest

AT KEGRA, we have the spray Team which  is  comprised of Ten  people who move from A farmer to A farmer  providing spraying services all over  Bushenyi district and this is to control the pests  and to solve farmers  each growing season challenges.

We train young farmers on how to spray in their respective villages especially in times when the spraying team has affixed program.

We also have electric pumps which are easy to be used by almost every farmer and we hire them out at a fee of 6,000 Ugandan shillings per day and our spray team also provide the spraying services to farmers at a fee of 10,000 Ugandan shillings per day making a total of 16,000 for both service and the person to do the service each day and as KEGRA we also follow up to farmer gardens for proper updates until harvest.