Keirere Green Africa Agency (KEGRA) is an agricultural Social Enterprise, established in 2000, with the objective of assisting the rural population within the districts of western Uganda and Uganda at large. Since establishment, the agency has assisted many households’ increase their incomes through activities like fruit growing, piggery, zero grazing, coffee production and literacy.

The organization was founded to promote Agriculture productivity amongst the communities and particularly amongst the youth in Uganda. KEGRA works with various partners and has established KEGRA Agripreneurs Association in 250 villages in South Western Uganda

The vision of the organization is a society that promotes agriculture and sustains communities

To achieve this, KEGRA uses a unique approach of collective participation for sustainable Development. KEGRA has registered success in its activities of promoting agriculture/farming as a business as a result youth started SACCO which is aimed at re-integrating financing agricultural projects and collective  community support that makes agriculture further a public service.

The success is further enhanced by KEGRA farm field school approach and agro-tourism for community based approach which helps in individual farms to identify the gaps in production that in turn helps to establish intervention strategies and possible collaborators and partners.

The mission of KEGRA is to make agriculture cool, attractive and profitable for the youth and further promoting community socio-economic welfare

 Promotion of youth potential

 KEGRA values promoting the potential of young people towards developing the society they live in. The youth identify their potential by their participation and active involvement in the Agripreneurs Associations and Forums to share experiences on productivity challenges and solutions to promote profitable

Agripreneurs Ventures

KEGRA believes that each individual youth has the potential to develop him/her under all circumstances and KEGRA recognizes that it is our responsibility to tap and help develop this potential in the young people. This is done through agripreneurship trainings, thematic sessions on different agricultural enterprises and availing them best quality planting materials and stocking; that is, to date we have manage to supply young agripreneurs association with over 200 heifers, 200 gilts, 300,000 fruit trees, 3000 Local Goats, and 150 improved breeds of goats, over 200,000 kroilers and 100,000 layers 4,000,000 and 5,000,000 seedling of tea and coffee respectively

The Agripreneurship Forum

The KEGRA Agripreneurs Forum is a regional skilling event that brings together over 450 youth in different agricultural enterprises between the ages of 15 -35 from all over South Western Region. Deliberations focus is on diverse agribusiness challenges, and finding working solutions to challenges as well as partnerships and networking for viable market linkages.

The Forum highlights effective ways in which Agripreneurs can sustain their business and ventures as it’s vital for community livelihood improvement. Recognizing that Agribusinesses encompasses multifaceted challenges ranging from financial literacy to market linkages, which makes it difficult to attract more youth into agricultural related business. The forum sessions emphasize the need for more integration of financial literacy and business management skills, record keeping, networking, and emphasize valve addition as well as saving for credit, to achieve equity in agricultural productivity.

Sustainable Coffee Valve chain Development programme

 KEGRA is implementing a project “Sustainable Coffee Value Chain Development for Improved Incomes in Bushenyi District”. The project’s aim is to increase production and marketing of coffee for financial security among 3360 farming households of Bushenyi District by March 2017. The project will work with 120 coffee producer groups, both existing and new ones. Each group will be constituted of about 28 members. The project will facilitate efforts to disseminate new cultivars of improved Robusta and elite varieties by establishing a mother garden with chains of nursery beds. Initially, the seedlings for the mother garden will be procured from established suppliers as well as intermediaries of Uganda Coffee Development Association (UCDA). Farmers will utilize the mother garden even after project closure. The mother garden will be centrally located in Bushenyi, serving a chain of nursery beds in Sub Counties.

Specifically, the project endeavours to; improve income for 3360 coffee farming households in Kakanju, Nyabubare and Bitooma sub counties by March 2017 and promote access mainly to improved agronomical best practices and markets information using appropriate Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) such as mobile through SMS, and radio. The project will allow farmers to access savings and financial services through Village Saving Level Associations (VSLA) and introducing developed and registered groups to the Ankole Young Farmers SACCO and viable MFIs and later establisha wet coffee processing plant at Keirere Main land, process and for local consumption and export

The project will strengthen capacities of groups to become viable enterprises that can transact on their own.

This project will work with existing and new coffee producer groups in Bushenyi with the intention of improving incomes and financial security.  Group’s capacity will be enhanced in areas of organizational, entrepreneurial and group dynamics skills. Project will work with organic coffee certified companies to strengthen the capacity of groups and learn more lessons from the current certified processors in order to implement such standards throughout the project. By utilizing the power of mobile phones, the project will continuously push information to farmers through SMS. Such information will include market related information, best agronomical practicesfor coffee and project staff will use the SMS for mobilization and monitoring and evaluation.