Ademonstration farm help Farmers to see how new ideas works, and also what effect it can have on increasing their crop production. A demonstration gives farmers the opportunity to observe and the farmer is shown step by step on how to forexample plant seeds in line

The main advantage of ademonstration Farm is to explain simple farming skills to a large number of people and to help farmers compare between the poor seed and selected seed, or between use of fertilizer and no fertilizer or understanding the application of afertilizer.

AT KEGRA, we have ademonstration farm which makes it possible to instruct a reasonable number of people in basic skills of agriculture at one time and is to produce results  that are visible  and significant enough to convince  our farmers to try the new practice(new knowledge) themselves and this is done through the  cooperation of farmers with field advisors

Ademonstration farm represents the highest level of agricultural production and is the place of performance of  Teachings in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from just seeing and learning  into agricultural practice and  this provides constant  access  to advisory services for farmers.

Keirere Green Africa Agency Plant some Crops for demonstration to other Farmers for example Cabbages, Tomatoes, Passion Fruits, Water melon, Green papers, Carrots and many others. these crops also generate income to the organization and home consumption.

The demonstration garden helps Farmers to gain skills and better methods of farming