Agrochemicals  are farm inputs meant for the control of pests and diseases which are challenges to many farmers and have been the cause for low production.

 AT KEGRA, we provide farmers with genuine agro-chemical inputs that go along way in helping farmers in increasing the production per acreage  

In ensuring crop protection ,Keirere Green African Agency (KEGRA) sell different chemicals  such as HERBICIDES like kalach 480g sl, mamba*360sl, 2-4-D amine 720 and No-weed 480g//of glyphosate.

INSECTICIDES like victory 72wp,volarMZ (DIMETHORPH +MANCOZEB 690G/kg wp).

 FERTILIZERS are chemicals or natural substances added to soil or land to increase its fertility. fertilizers such as Dap  is used for planting in passion fruit, beans, coffee, orange, and others, NPK 171717 for coffee and banana plantations NPK 1515 used for tea and application depends on how old  is the plant

D.1 GROW FOLIAR FERTILIZERS that is in two types   *D.1 Green booster fertilizer which helps a plant to complete nutrients,   * D.1 Grow red which also helps a plant in flowing stage. it gives a plant capacity to hold its flowers into fruits.

 AT KEGRA, we provide farmers with genuine fertilizers that help farmers to increase the production per acreage