At Keirere Green Africa Agency, we are committed to improving agriculture and sustaining communities.  We network with farmers assist them to improve on farming techniques as well as transforming subsistence farming into business viable agribusiness. We further make agriculture cool for the youth through championing innovation that keep the youth engaged in farming activities.


Integrity is the foundation for all that we do. Integrity includes honesty, decency, consistency, and courage. Building on those values, we are committed to:


We will listen carefully to diverse points of view and engage in thoughtful dialogue. We will broaden our understanding of issues in order to better address the needs and concerns of society and each other.


We will ensure that information is available, accessible, and understandable. We further take the initiative to translate business concepts clearly with our farmers

  • Pro activeness

We seek to stay ahead. We identify opportunities for in farming, engage farmers to exploit them and our actions are carefully arrived at.

  • Honesty

We shall trust in ourselves and in all those around us, so as to enhance confidence that we need to address farming and agribusiness in general

  • Inclusivity

The group is inclusive which means we involve, encourage and support staff, members and the community to take part, have a voice and maintain their ideas and views as individuals.

  • Innovation

The Group is innovative and progressive and this is encouraged and valued. An attitude of constant review is adhered to ensure we are on track and achieving best practice.

  • Transparency

To ensure that procedural information is available to and broadly understandable by members and stakeholders in society

  • Responsiveness

We are flexible and focused on the improving farm productivity

  • Team work

Effective networking and links to beneficial partnerships is encouraged to add value and opportunities for the group. We works in collaboratively within the agricultural industry to value add. At KEGRA, we maintains an ethos of team work and cooperativeness.

Overall Objective 

To  promote youth job creation, through skills training and re-training in agribusiness, farming techniques and market development

Specific objectives

  1. To set up the Bushenyi Agribusiness Centre for skilling the youth in several spheres of agribusiness and incubation, mobilizing young people to associate and begin agribusiness that are climate smart.
  2. To Conducting business and agronomy outreach services for farmers at community level and situational/vulnerability analysis for pests and diseases through our village agent model system especially for coffee
  3. To Conduct business and skills outreach at community level and later at households, Provide quality seeds/seedlings (fruits, hot pepper and vegetables) and Promote and school gardening and creation of permaculture association as well as business mentorship and skills in other enterprises, piggery, poultry, banana, irrigation techniques and passion fruits

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