Since 1994 Keirere Green Africa Agency, has been the sole producer of planting materials, thats  Coffee, Tea, Fruits and tree seedlings for community and other big government ventures. In 2006 We carried out an inventory for the operators and a mapping was done for the practice and species at each Nursery in the Ankole region, there were 7 large scale and 46 Medium size nurseries, these Nurseries have played a big role in promoting enterprises in through supply of planting material, to communities that select either coffee or tea or fruits as their desired enterprise.

These nurseries have contributed a lot to the economy of the country to Mention, a number of them were involved in the Tea project, coffee production and they produce between 5,000 and 300,000 seedlings annually depending on the size of the nursery, and total production has been in the range of 7-10 million seedlings per annum.  The nurseries are of crucial importance for agro forestry and agricultural productivity in Uganda because they are the source of most seedlings produced in the country, including all those used for government-sponsored projects, as well as the majority for plantings by communities and individuals.

Previously the methods used for seedling production in most nurseries are very labour intensive using hand tools and simple equipment. There is minimal use of chemicals for fertilizing, soil amendment, or pest and disease control. There were no special germination sheds or glass houses and some nurseries had no stores. In the last few years there has been some improvement as the KEGRA trained and equipped the operators with plant handling skills. However All the nurseries currently rely on simple, non-mechanized, unsophisticated production methods with low investment in nursery plant and equipment and a low level of training of nursery employees.

With deterring seasons of relatively low rainfall. The quality of planting stock produced in nurseries can have an appreciable influence on both survival and growth of seedlings, especially in unfavorable environments. To improve on the quality of planting materials produced in each member Nursery Bed, the association has been carrying out routine inspection and now, and need for training has been discovered for the operators and employees